Stromberg team's end-of-camp summary

Members of Stromberg team:

Aniruddha Ghosh []
Derrall Heath []
Laura Maria Andrei []
Olli Alm []

The project development followed several stages which were obtained by dividing the initial task as it follows:

  1. Choosing 2 characters which should be the protagonists of our story and attempting to add some content to the preamble by providing some short descriptions about these characters.

By using the tagged NOC file where a negative, neutral or positive connotation was given to every character in a separate "Sentiment" column, we could select a positive and a negative character among which a confrontation should take place in mid-action

We used the NOC data files containing the positive and negative treats of the characters to enrich the preamble content.

Also emphasized the positive and negative treats of each character by adding in the preamble some general superlatives specific to evil or good extracted from superlatives good bad. xslx file.

  1. The story line development was created with the intent of following a sentiment curve which is given through parameters expressing the sentiment intensity which should be expressed through the characters actions.

In the situation where the program cannot return a midpoint result for a specific sentiment by filtering the required intensity called through our functions parameters this plot segment will be randomized in terms of choosing the sentiment intensity among other actions that can be found script_midpoints.tsv.

The code also gives the opportunity to chose the story line length which will be composed by progressively adding actions from script_midpoints.tsv

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